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Djaja Harapan Bearings was established from 1975 and we are proud to be an official distributor of top market bearing brands such as NTN. Please call us if you need any service regarding the bearings you need.

In 1975 Djaja Harapan was established as a small ball bearing shop located in Taman Sari, Jakarta. In 1983, Djaja Harapan moved to its new place, current store, in Krekot. We were appointed as NTN bearing Super Dealer with only 8 employees. In 1995 we started cooperation with Chinese manufacture and start our own ball bearing brand NKN. Since 1999, Djaja Harapan was appointed as an Authorize Distributor of FYH Pillow Block (Japan). In 2001, we were no longer just a small retail shop, but an official company named PT. Djaja Harapan. In 2010 we became an Authorize Distributor brands ADP and HCH. Today, we are a distributor of NTN co. with well over 70 employees. In addition, we sell a broad range of ball bearings brands that are used in automobile as well as industries mechines. In early 2013, we are opening a new subsidiary company named PT. Djaja Harapan Makmur.